Friday, 17 February 2017

That Was Summer By Arihia

Tuesday 7th February 2017

I Remember…

(where: Jump Trampoline Park Avondale)
(when: Summer holidays)

I Remember …

Bouncing side to side on the big bouncy trampolines.
Forward flipping and crazy cartwheeling all over the place,
Jumping into the fun foam pit and jumping off the big beam.
It looked fun and it was very fun!
I bounced on the terrific trampoline where the basketball hoop was, I picked up a ball, bounced up high and slammed the ball into the hoop!
Then I dropped onto the trampoline and called out to my brother to help me up.
Then I thought let’s go and try climb the wall.
That was my Summer.

I was learning to write a descriptive piece of writing. I wrote a  piece of descriptive writing that described my summer holidays. In my writing I think I did well in the structure, I also think I need to improve on using more descriptive words.

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