Friday, 10 March 2017

The Tangelo!

The Tangelo

As I breathed in and then out I admired the smell of the fresh tangelo. As the smell crept up my nose I thought about what it smelt like. I thought to myself, orange? But then I said no? Fresh air? No? It smelt like Orange and fresh air put together! I swept my fingers across the wavy, bumpy skin, there were little black dots on the tangelo, they made the tangelo look like it had black freckles. I carefully dug my thumb underneath the the fresh skin and began to peel. When I was finished I took a piece off and stuck it into my mouth I bit it and the juice poured down my throat, FRESHNESS!
The End.

This is my Tangelo writing, my goal was to use descriptive words, I also needed to use similes. I think I need to work on similes because I only used one.

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