Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Explanation Writing

In Te Ngahere last term we were learning about healthy ecosystems. We wrote explanations about what a healthy ecosystem is and what an ecosystem needs. Our WALT was to use the correct structure for a piece of explanation writing. It took me a while to finish my explanation but in the end I think it turned out great!

What Is an Ecosystem?

In an ecosystem there are two classes, organic and inorganic elements. Inside of an ecosystem there are producers, consumers and decomposers. Producers, consumers and decomposers are organic matter which are living elements. Snakes, rats, lions and kina are another example of organic matter. Inorganic matter are nonliving elements such as rocks, trees, air and water.

Producers are things that use photosynthesis to make their own food, they extract nutrients from the sun and the soil to do so. Two examples of a producer is phytoplankton and kelp.

Consumers can’t create their own food like producers so they have to feed of of them, an example of a consumer is a mussel.

Decomposers are things such as fungi and bacteria, they break down dead matter. Every part of an ecosystem has a specific job, if any part of the ecosystem gets damaged it affects the entire thing.

If a storm occurs the ecosystem will be harmed but not only will it be harmed it will possibly cause destruction towards it because the ecosystem is very brittle and can’t handle a big change within the weather. Inside of ecosystems there are food chains, one way an ecosystem can become unhealthy is if the food chains get unbalanced caused by other living animals in the environment and humans. For example, if the kina barrens population continues to increase they will continue to eat all the kelp which means there will be no kelp for the other animals to feed off of which can lead to distinction.

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