Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Moment in Time (draft copy)

Last week in Te Ngahere we were writing descriptive pieces of writing to describe the forest. The WALT was to use descriptive language and to use present tense verbs. I enjoyed writing about the forest because there was so much to explain but I still haven’t finished. This is my draft copy

Moment in Time (draft copy)

The bird's melodies travel through the trees of the forest creating an echo, the melodies quickly draw unknown peoples attention. The sun shines through the shady forest roof hitting the faces of the people walking through the muddy tracks of the forest.

The branches of the big Ponga Trees sway with the direction of the breezy wind, leaves make their way to the damp forest floor, step by step the leaves on the ground crackle beneath peoples shoes, the trees branches are waving to the children walking past. Amazed people are standing beneath a giant Kauri Tree, children jaws drop. The smell of the wet wood makes its way into people's noses. The smell of the damp leaves creep into the childrens nostrils, the breezy wind hitting the back of their necks as they make their way through the breezy forest.

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